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With over 1 million active members, KidPass can help generate new customers for kids activity providers and instructors. Whether you are growing your existing business or starting a new one, we can help double your online exposure.

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Parents use KidPass to search for all types of kids activities and family experiences. Parents pay using their credit card or membership plans. You get paid for every reservation.

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Show off your instructors, facilities, and programs. KidPass works with you to reach a new audience whether it’s local families or even online students around the world.

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KidPass offers award winning tools to run your business including online enrollment, scheduling, and payments. Reach a global audience with online classes and video tools.

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Over 5,000 businesses use KidPass to reach new families, including leading kids programs like Music Together, Gymboree, MyGym, YMCA, JCC, Super Soccer Stars, The Museum of Modern Art, NY Aquarium, Bronx Zoo, Color Factory, Frames Bowling, Alvin Ailey American Dance, Action Karate, Mindful Start Yoga, and more.

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