KidPass 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

KidPass is based on building a thriving community of happy children, parents, and teachers. We encourage parents to always work directly with instructors to resolve any issues that might arise and to reach out if any help is needed. With KidPass, we guarantee these terms for all purchases:

  • Full refund offered if an instructor cancels an activity in advance.
  • Full refund offered for any single-session activities if it is missed by the instructor, including pro-rated refunds for multi-session activities
  • Refund offered on a pro-rated basis if the activity does not meet the expectations set forth by the provider at the time of booking in terms of the number of sessions being offered, the dates and times set forth by the provider at the time of booking, or if the teacher has to cancel a session while in progress.
  • Providers may also offer additional, larger refunds or credits returned at their discretion.

To support our partners, we also ask that parents understand that life happens, and sometimes teachers also need to reschedule due to sickness or other issues. To respect the time of instructors, providers are also allowed to cancel sessions if no attendees have joined within 5 minutes of the start time and if you miss a session, you are not entitled to a refund. 

It’s important to us that everyone is happy with their experience using KidPass, and you can contact us at any time at