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9 New Things to Do in the DC Area

School’s out, summer’s alive and kicking, and you may be looking around for ways to spend your long, hot days. Fortunately for you, we have activities all over DC, Maryland, and Virginia for you and your little ones to enjoy. Check out some of our newest partners below for ideas!

10 Memorial Day Weekend Activities for Tiny Sous Chefs

Staying in the city this Memorial Day Weekend? If you’re not headed to that beachside or backyard barbecue, why not take your kids to learn how to cook up some delicious treats of their own? Check out our roundup of these Memorial Day Weekend cooking classes and who knows—by next week, you may have a bona fide tiny chef right in your very own kitchen.

The Top 10 Things To Do in NYC in the Winter

Winter: no longer about hibernating when you’ve got kiddos around. Chances are, the cold weather is keeping you indoors more than usual, and making you a little stir-crazy in the process. Fear not—we’ve got you covered. There are thousands of activities right outside your door. Here are ten of our current faves.