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Supercharge Your Child’s Schedule with These Unique Classes

Crafting with Snow White and the Evil Queen. A musical cat show-and-tell. Making a lava lamp while learning Spanish. What do all of these activities have in common? They’re all unique—they all teach kids something new in an inventive way—they’re all on KidPass, and you can take them all next week. For those of you who need to spice up your child’s educational and enrichment activities, we’ve rounded up the most unique online classes on KidPass from October 5 – 9 for your sampling pleasure. The best part? Some are even free!

Check out our picks below—because, let’s face it, we could all use some extra whimsy right now.
Science & Nature

Let’s Talk About Islands Before Going to the Galápagos by Alexandra Nuñez – Spanish Teacher
The Super Space Show! by Super Space Show
Bilingual Science: Making a Lava Lamp by Toc Toc – Spanish for Kids

How Do Volcanoes Work? Volcanism by Izzy by Teacher Izzy Moore

Arts & Crafts

Paint with Nora in the Caribbean by Unicoi Art Studio

Jackson Pollock Paintings by iCamp

Princesses and Villains: Spooky Craft with Snow White and the Evil Queen! by The Pure Imagination Party Company
Let’s Draw a Puppycorn! (Puppy-unicorn cartoon) by Creativities with EEK

WOW Magic Workshop – Infinity Tube by The Dallas Magic Academy

Character Concepts by Tutor Keiyoko Bennett

Music & Dance

Read and Write Music with Our Children & Percussion Instruments by Angelo Molino – Music Professor
Zombies Someday: Ballet Lyrical Beginning Dance Class by Lovely Leaps
Self-Esteem Boosting Belly Dance Classes by Three Sisters Belly Dance
Intro to Piano with Fun Music Buddies by Grace Hanson – Piano & Violin Teacher
Kids and Cats: Music, Stories and Show and Tell for Kids and Their Cats by David Brandt – Music Teacher
Super Secret Spy Training Gymnastics by Power Tots, Inc.
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