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KidPass Online Classes Surge As Parents Seek Virtual Options For Fall

As a company, our mission has always been to enrich the lives of children everywhere. In an unprecedented time of change, this mission has been a guiding light for our company and community, as we have had to adapt to new challenges and have undergone a dramatic transformation over the past several months. In January and February of this year, KidPass had our best months ever as a marketplace, helping more parents book in-person kids classes than ever before in our history. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic started in March, in-person kids activities came to a grinding halt. As a company, we actively listened and responded to the needs of our community by rebuilding our platform to support online kids classes, including launching the KidPass Digital Platform, which helped teachers easily offer live video classes. By going virtual, we increased the size of our community from 4 cities in the U.S. to reaching people all over the globe. While education for children has radically changed, we’ve been inspired to see the KidPass community adapt and embrace virtual learning across over 500,000 families and teachers. Today, the number of bookings for online classes each month on KidPass far exceeds the number of bookings we had for in-person classes prior to the pandemic.

In just the first five months alone, bookings for online classes on KidPass grew by over 125x. We expanded our platform to become the leading destination for parents looking for both in-person and online kids classes, especially for early childhood education. Most Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Elementary School students had never attended an online group class prior to February, and yet as of today, online group classes have now taken over as the norm, supplementing and even fully replacing many in-person programs. As we’ve entered fall, KidPass has seen an increase in in-person activities in many cities, however the overall demand for online classes continues to surge to all-time-highs.

While in-person activities will bound to fully return at some point in the future, the past several months have also shown us that the benefits of virtual learning are here to stay, especially in terms of offering an unmatched level of personalized learning, a global community of fellow students, and access to amazing teachers from around the world who offer an incredible variety of subjects. Whether we realize it or not, we are currently living through a revolution in education, as students and teachers have moved online en masse. We believe there is still so much more opportunity in the near-term to help families find amazing online classes and build personalized educational plans for their children while learning from home.

For many instructors, learning how to teach online is no longer optional. Our KidPass Digital Platform for teachers continues to help people learn how to teach online and get class enrollments by providing both training and tools that make it easy to create a teacher profile and instantly offer classes to audiences across the country. Teachers can choose what they want to teach, set their own schedule, and determine the price for their classes. KidPass has become a supplemental source of income for instructors on the site, with teachers earning up to $10,000 per month through teaching online. Our top instructors can earn over $80 per hour from teaching popular group classes. If you are interested in teaching on KidPass, we are hiring and you can learn more at

There’s still so much more opportunity to improve and grow the online education industry, and we’re excited to have even more families and teachers join us in this important movement. Thank you always for your support and for helping us build such an amazing community together.

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