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10 Things To Do for $10 or Less in The Bay Area

Looking for some fun in the Bay Area that won’t break the bank?

Look no further! Below are some of our most popular KidPass activities — and they all cost only 2 credits (or less!) From music classes to soccer to several fun playspaces, you’re sure to find tons of new ways to play.

Planet Playhouse

Where: Ingleside
Best for: age 9 months – 10 years

This indoor playspace features a 45-foot castle obstacle, inflatable slides, trampolines, a flying balloon room, a make-believe area, and more! A great way to give them a fun day (while tiring them out.)

Play Haven

Where: Sunset
Best for: age 6 years and under

Created by teachers, this playspace has everything from art and sensory activities, to imaginative games and dramatic play areas, to a rock climbing wall. Table seating and free WiFi is also available throughout.

Jolly Roger Land

Where: Union City
Best for: age 12 years and under

This spacious, nearly 7,000-square-foot center uses state-of-the-art, visually stimulating play structures and games that kids love to climb, slide, crawl, and immerse themselves into! Parents are encouraged to interact with their children as they enter the menagerie of interactive fun zone.

Luv 2 Play

Where: San Carlos
Best for: age 6 months – 12 years

This 8,500-square-foot indoor playground has 3 levels with 3 separate age-appropriate play areas for kids. There are crawl tubes, slides, tunnels, interactive soft play and sensory play panels, toys, plus an arcade!

The COOP Pleasonton

Where: Pleasonton
Best for: age 10 months – 12 years

This is the coolest play and party space for kids–and adults, too! It’s clean, modern, just the right size, and has free wifi, coffee, and a patio for adults to enjoy some relaxation and snacks while kids play.

Young asian boy climbing the net at indoor playround and smiles

Adobe Stock/gamelover

Campbell Coffee House

Where: Campbell
Best for: age 1 – 5 years

This is an adult space children WANT to frequent! Campbell Coffee House is a space that balances the needs of a parent with the needs of an adult. This space allows parents to join in on the fun of a cool hipster coffee house with their child in tow. The play area is designed with child development in mind: simple but mindful. And no mandatory child chasing!

Meadowlark Outdoor Music Class

Where: Inner Richmond
Best for: age 5 years and under

Nurture your child’s musicality with this magical outdoor music class. The class meets in a meadow, under sheltering trees. Each class features play-along instruments, movement, an interactive puppet show, and the instructor’s magical Celtic harp!

Burlingamer Sports Center

Where: Burlingame
Best for: age 18 months – 6 years

This soccer program teaches children in ways that suit their developmental level. Teaching methods are specifically designed to create an atmosphere that is effective and fun. Kids leave happy, confident, and sweaty, wanting to come back for more!

Rockin’ Jump

Where: Fremont
Best for: all ages

Trampolines are fun, but big kids and toddlers don’t always mix. That’s why Rockin’ Jump has a dedicated time for parents and their smaller children (6 & under) while socializing with their friends in a comfortable, low-key, air-conditioned environment. Older kids can come by for open jump!

Broadway Babies and Kids

Where: San Carlos
Best for: age 6 years and under

Do you have a budding Broadway Star who just loves to sing and dance around the house? You and your little ones will sing, dance, and act as well as learn the fundamentals of proper voice and dance techniques.

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