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10 New Ways to Have Fun with KidPass in San Francisco!

Think you’ve done ALL the fun activities for kids out there? Think again!

We’ve just added ten brand new ways to have some fun. From heating up the kitchen to finding your groove at a music class to a hike through nature, we’ve got tons of NEW ways for you to rock the rest of your summer. Read on for our full list of fun!

Young Art Lessons
Pleasanton / San Mateo / Santa Clara / Sunset / 1 – 17 years old

Young Art believes in fostering a vibrant atmosphere to learn and inspire creativity, while purposely equipping young artists with the foundation and resources to advance their confidence, ingenuity, and skill sets.

First Steps Songs Studios 
Mission Playground / Mission at the Women’s Building / Birth – 2 years old

Cuddle & Bounce classes (for newborns to walkers) incorporate the most current research on early childhood development and provide families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies. Sing & Play classes (for walkers to two-year-olds) provide a just-right mix of early-childhood vocal play for language development, and music and movement activities to build the muscles your young toddler needs to walk, run, and climb.

The Tech Interactive 
San Jose / 3 – 17 years old

This family-friendly science and technology center offers hands-on activities, experimental labs, and design challenge experiences that empower people of all ages to innovate with creativity, curiosity, and compassion. There’s also an IMAX Dome Theater, so make sure to plan your visit around a show!


Culinary Artistas
Mission / 8 – 11 years old

Got a budding chef on your hands? Sign them up for one of these great cooking classes to learn techniques, discover kitchen tools, and master delicious recipes!

Yoga Phamily
Mission / Birth – 17 years old

The only family-centric yoga studio in San Francisco, this studio’s mission is to share the wisdom of yoga in an inspiring and family-friendly community to foster freedom, peace, and happiness. Stretch and bend at a Phamily Yoga class, let your little yogis learn techniques through stories, and more!

Cindy Art Studio
San Jose / 4 – 12 years old

From drawing to painting to Kinder Art, this studio has something for any artist-to-be! Kids will explore a variety of mediums, get the creativity flowing, and create their very own masterpieces!

EDGE Training Center
Hayward / 5 – 13 years old

Try out a youth Jiu-Jitsu class for kids in a motivating and social environment. With instruction from a black belt, your little martial arts masters are truly in the hands of an expert.


Athletic Playground
Emeryville / 4 – 17 years old

If you’ve got an active kiddo on your hands, this is the place to be!  Kids will learn new skills, get stronger, more flexible, and of course, PLAY! Classes range from Parkour to AcroYoga to Monkey Conditioning.

Hanabi Judo 
Albany / 1 – 13 years old

Hanabi means ‘Fireworks’ in Japanese and its energy, brightness, and excitement truly express the spirit of their judo. Beginners will learn technique, culture, and character— all while having fun tumbling, jumping, and running! Kids can progress through classes to higher levels to learn more complicated techniques and strategies.

Nature Rhythm 
Berkeley / Oakland / 5 – 13 years old

When children connect deeply with nature they discover the natural beauty and wonder of who they really are. Nature Rhythms provides guided walks through fascinating and diverse landscapes from tall redwoods to rolling hills to lakeshores. Children participate in fun, exciting activities as they explore the vast outdoors.

Want to discover and book more new activities in San Francisco? Check out all upcoming activities for even more ways to have fun! 

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