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Need Some Extra Help, NYC Families? Meet Bell Family Company!

Here at KidPass, we’re all about making life easier for our families. So we’d like to introduce you to our friends over at Bell Family Company!

While we at KidPass are experts at helping your family play and learn, this company can quite literally help you with everything else. From last-minute sitters to nanny placements to vacation help to errands, Bell Family Company has got you covered. We sat down with Founder and President, Lindsey Bell, to get the scoop on how her company’s awesome services are serving close to 10,000 New York families on the day-to-day!

Why did you start Bell Family Company?

I grew up babysitting and always loved spending time with children. When I moved to NYC 13 years ago, I started babysitting on the Upper East Side, and that one job grew organically into a small group. When I saw the demand, I thought there was something bigger for me to do and I just stuck with it. Years later with non-stop hustle, trial and error, and loads of family support, a business was born.

What makes Bell Family Company stand out from other nanny and sitter services?

Many things! BFC is an all-women run company. Half of my family works with my company, including my mother and two sisters. BFC is referral based; all of the childcare providers and families are referred by someone we know. BFC has an on-call team available for families 7 days per week—our schedule is like a doctor’s!

How does your membership work?

A family comes referred. They complete a family assessment call with us where we get to know them and their childcare needs. They get a 7-day trial to our services and then can sign up to be a member, which is $400 per year.

In a bind, how quickly can families book a sitter?

FAST! Yes, BFC routinely books sitters last-minute with an hour’s notice.

It sounds like families can literally get help with anything! Are there any moments you’re particularly proud of? 

Yes, BFC provides every childcare service under the sun. If a family inquires, BFC always has a solution. I’ve had many moments over the years where my childcare providers have made me proud. Compliments from families about how they couldn’t live without BFC or a glowing recommendation about a sitter makes what we all do day in and out worthwhile.

Visit Bell Family Company for more information on how to become a member today.

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