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Introducing PAL: Your New Favorite Drop-Off Playdate on KidPass!

We’ve got big news—playdates just got WAY more exciting! PAL by Project Playdate has joined KidPass, offering up super fun alternatives to playdates and childcare. Choose from pre-planned drop off pajama parties and outings around the city or plan your own customized adventure around a Kidpass booking, an exclusive perk for our members!

We sat down with PAL Co-Founder, Amanda Roposo, to get you the scoop on what PAL is all about—and more importantly, how you can start PAL’ing around the city! Here’s what she had to say:

Why did you start PAL?

We wanted to provide a social care alternative to one on one babysitting. Social care (or children cared for in the company of other children) unlocks so many more opportunities for learning and fun. It gets the best people paid more which ensures quality and safety and it makes care more affordable by splitting the costs among parents.

What is PAL?

PAL is a community of expert child care professionals that can turn any child care need into a social and enriching experience for your kids. These are open playdates throughout NYC or private playdates for your own networks and friend groups. They are Kidpass activities transformed into drop-off care so that you never have to trade off between the value of social enrichment and the convenience of one on one care.

What Does the Perfect Playdate look like? 

It can take so many shapes. It can be guided play with a private group of friends in someone’s living room, local playground, or even office space. It can be an adventure to one of New York’s favorite family friendly attractions, enrichment programs, or drop-in activities. No matter what the playdate, they are always social, enriching, playful, and guilt-free time off for parents.

What makes a PAL experience different from other drop-off activities?

So much! You don’t have to commit to an entire series or semester, you can customize a playdate based on the interests of your child or friend group, you can add-on additional needs like meal time or supervised travel, you can connect with other families to coordinate care together, and you will always split the cost of care with other families.

Ready to play with PAL? Check out some upcoming playdates below or start planning your own!

Drop Off Pajama Party 
February 15th, 6 PM, Park Slope / February 15th, 6 PM, Upper East Side / 24 months – 7 years old

Put on your kiddo’s favorite PJ’s and drop them off for an evening of fun. Your little party animals will enjoy free play, dinner, arts and crafts, story time, dance time, movie time, leadership building curriculum, and so much more! The more children that sign up, the price per child drops! So, invite your friends.


School’s Out at The Met 
February 18th, 9 AM / Upper East Side / 4 – 9 years old

Your little ones will dive into history, using their imaginations to explore The Met and all of its beauty and intrigue. Kids will explore, talk, and read as they make their way through the museum together. Then budding artists will have a chance to create some art of their own at a hands-on art session!

School’s Out at The American Museum of Natural History
February 18th, 9 AM / Upper West Side / 4 – 9 years old

Drop your kiddies off to trek through the ages during Winter Break! Kids will go on a scavenger hunt discovering oceans, dinosaurs, and even a man on a flying carpet! The group will enjoy a lunch and snack break, as well as a story time break.


School’s Out at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan
February 19th, 9 AM / Upper West Side / 4 – 9 years old

Spend the morning reading in Barnes and Noble and learning about different cultures, and then head over to the CMOM to enjoy exploring floors of fun with friends!

School’s Out at the Movies 
February 19th, 12 PM / Upper West Side / 4 – 9 years old

Sign up for a fun afternoon at the movies at the AMC 84th St. 6 theater! Your kiddos will grab some popcorn, and head in with friends for a fun, kid-friendly film to kick-back and relax.

School’s Out Crafts at Tribeca Craft Studio
February 20th, 9 AM / Tribeca / 4 – 9 years old

Little artists can get messy and have fun doing a special DIY craft! Afterward, the group will head to Whole Foods for a fun and healthy scavenger hunt where they’ll find ingredients to make a healthy snack!


School’s Out at NYCFM
February 20th, 12 PM / Tribeca / 4 – 9 years old

Does your kiddo love fire engines, firefighters, and everything firehouse red? Sign up for an afternoon visit at  The New York City Fire Museum! Kids will explore, learn, and even experience what it’s like to be a firefighter. They’ll also learn about the importance of fire safety and how awesome the fire department is at keeping everyone safe.

School’s Out at the Intrepid
February 21st, 12 PM, Morning Session 9 AMAfternoon Session 12 PM / Hell’s Kitchen / 4 – 9 years old

At this jam-packed day, your kiddos will visit The Intrepid Museum and participate in workshops like ” Diving into Density” adn “Blast Off! Launching the Space Shuttle” and in the Intrepid STEM week with fun experiments and workshops built just for kids!

School’s Out at Nat Geo 
February 22nd, 9 AM / Hell’s Kitchen / 4 – 9 years old

Embark on a breathtaking and interactive underwater journey at National Geographic’s ocean odyssey exhibit. Your kiddies will play with sea lions, get up-close with a life-sized humpback whale, and discover the stories of real Nat Geo explorers.


School’s Out at Gulliver’s Gate
February 22nd, 12 PM / Hell’s Kitchen / 4 – 9 years old

Take a trip inside and out of your imaginations and explore the world’s most intriguing places and most captivating time periods… all in in MINIATURE!

Want to discover and book more new activities in NYC? Check out all upcoming activities across the NY Metro for more Big Apple fun! 

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