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Lets Do This 2019! 10 Ways to Get Active in NYC!

It’s that time of year—when our babies are promising to eat healthier and exercise more. Just kidding, but a parent can dream! While we’re not going to swap your toddler’s cookie for a carrot—we don’t want to be the bad guys!—we can help your little ones get active! From tennis to swim to dance, we’ve rounded up our top picks to burn off some energy and have a blast doing it. Bring it on 2019!

Amazing Athletes at West End Collegiate Church
Upper West Side / 1 – 9 years old

This unique program help to develop key motor skills and instill the values and advantages of structured active play for healthy habits and benefits that can last a lifetime. Active children demonstrate better focus, energy, emotional control, social awareness, and more. All of the Amazing Athletes programs are taught in group settings (multiple age specific classes to choose from), allowing coaches to incorporate lessons on teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-confidence.


Beginner Kids Martial Arts at International Martial Arts Center
Gramercy / 4 – 7 years old

Your kiddos can kick their way into 2019 learning the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do. Taught by dedicated instructors, these courses put emphasis on kicking techniques that originate from Korea. Children who have never taken a single martial arts class are more than welcome at the facility.

Cross Trainers at Gymtime Rhythm & Glues
Upper East Side / 18 months – 5 years old

Bring your little ones to their very own kid version of cross training. This gently structured program starts to develop your toddler’s movement, motor and cognitive skills through dynamic physical activities, while introducing them to a unified class experience.


Gymnastics at ECNS ETC
Upper East Side / 17 months – 6 years old

Kids will jump, tumble, and roll through these great classes, starting with Tumbling Tots all the way up to Level 3 Gymnastics, that not only give you a good workout but also help your gymnasts’ coordination, balance, and body awareness.

Hands on Hoops: Little Dunkers at City Treehouse
Chelsea / 24 months – 3 years old

Kids are engaged and have fun through learning invaluable skills on adjustable baskets and an interactive obstacle course. Some of the transferrable skills they learn while playing are: bending the knees, playing on the toes, throwing and catching basketballs with the finger tips, and recognizing teammates. Make this year a slam dunk and sign up for this class!

shutterstock_183147284 (1)

Kids Soccer at Williamsburg Soccer Club
Williamsburg / 2 – 5 years old

You’ll shoot and score signing your future soccer stars up for this class! Focusing on different areas of the game, these classes work to develop skills and ability, including shooting, dribbling, defending, ball control, and passing. The emphasis is on having fun while learning.

Kids Tennis Co.
Upper West Side / 24 months – 3 years old

Get your little athletes out on the court to take a swing at tennis. Kids Tennis Co. has developed a unique, play-based program designed to build tennis skills in the most fun and encouraging way possible.


Lil’ Athletes at Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan
Upper West Side / 18 –24 months

If you’ve got a kiddo that’s always on the go, this is the class for you! Introduce your little ones to the basic skills of baseball, tennis, and soccer with an added tumbling circuit to climb, balance, bounce, and swing. Classes teach athletic skill, building and motor development in a warm and caring environment.

Mommy & Me Petite Ballroom Dance at Petite Ballroom
Upper East Side / 14 months – 3 years old

This class is a unique blend of classical ballet and ballroom dance. Developed by Eastern European ballroom dance champions and mothers of busy tots, the class is designed to spark a lifelong love and appreciation of dance, music, and European and Hispanic cultures. Moms, caregivers, and petite dancers will learn together, dance, and get a great workout!


Upper West Side / 6 months – 6 years old

Choose from parent/child classes for the littlest swimmers or group swim lessons for your older kiddos. All little fish will learn to love the water and make a big splash!

Twinkle Toes at Four Corners Creative 
Upper East Side / 4 – 6 years old

Looking for a graceful approach to fitness? Your tiny dancers will learn basic ballet and beginning movement, while having fun and exploring storytelling through dance. A perfect class for an introduction to the beautiful art of ballet and dance.

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