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7 Ways to Become a Star (For the Day) in LA

Whether you’ve got a budding movie star on your hands or a kiddo that just wants to take center stage for the day, KidPass has the classes to make their dreams come true. From cool dance moves to acting 101, we’ve got classes fit for Hollywood — and those on their way there! Check out all the ways your kids can rock the stage below.

Actors Youth Academy
Irwindale / 5 – 17 years old

This academy offers bilingual (English/Spanish) acting classes for film and TV. They cover commercials, monologues, scene study (drama, comedy, etc.), improv, audition techniques, and on-camera techniques.

Joy For All
Westchester /  4 – 17 years old

Your kids can discover their inner rock star and love of music at one of Joy For All’s private music classes. Choose from voice, piano, guitar, dance, ukulele, or flute.


Musical Theater Los Angeles 
Santa Monica / Westwood / West LA / 8 – 17 years old

Young thespians take to the stage in ongoing theater productions. Shy children blossom and eager performers find their natural element. Hard work and discipline, as well as fun, are what make the magic happen.

Phantom Projects Theatre Group
Fullerton /  8 – 17 years old

This acting studio believes anyone can act, but not everyone can act truthfully. They teach young actors and actresses to understand the behavior and motivation of a scene through self-exploration, improvisation, and relaxation.

Rock Star Dance Fitness 
Burbank /  3 – 17 years old

From ballet to hip hop to jazz, all tiny dancers will find their groove here. Learn techniques, new dance moves, and get exercise — all while having fun!


The Art of the Swashbuckler
North Hollywood /  4 – 17 years old

If you’re looking for a totally different twist on acting, consider signing your kiddos up for a class in theatrical swordplay! Like dance, it is both complex in structure and beautiful in execution. The timing must be precise and the form flawless, all while being executed with effortless flair.

The Audition Room
Pasadena /  5 – 17 years old

The Audition Room prides itself in transforming kids into artists and superstar talents through dance, acting, singing, art, yoga, and exercise classes.

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