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6 Kids’ Activities to Book in the Mission District

It’s no surprise that some of the coolest kids classes in the Bay Area can be found in the hip neighborhood of Mission. Whether your kiddies want to hit the slopes to ski (indoors, of course) or take to the stage to try out their acting chops, this neighborhood is where it’s at. Check out even more ways to have fun below!

Adventurous Sports 
3 – 17 years old

At this indoor sports facility, kids can hit the slopes and learn to ski or snowboard without taking a trip to the mountains. Lessons are private, indoors, and completely customized for your snow bunny’s fitness, learning style, and goals!

Blue Bear School of Music
6 months – 5 years old

Spark your child’s imagination with creative, original songs and rhythms, kickstart early childhood brain development through musical play, and inspire a love of music and learning at one of these rockin’ classes.


Eight Step Mantis
8 – 13 years old

Your future martial arts experts will learn traditional Kung Fu moves while also learning control, respect, and patience. Kids will begin classes with a light meditation and physical warmups and then focus on technique.

Messy Art Lab 
18 months – 4 years old

Messy is encouraged at this kids’ art studioit’s in the name, after all! Kids focus on the exploration of materials, colors, textures, art recipes, and all the squishy-gooey-messy stuff they love to get their hands on. Added bonus: the studio makes their own non-toxic art supplies from scratch.


San Francisco School of Theatre 
3 – 7 years old

If you’ve got a kiddo that loves the spotlight, sign them up for Story Theatre, where young thespians will act out stories from around the world using costumes, fantasy, music, and movement. We’re sure your kids will be asking for an encore!

1 – 10 years old

At this open space, your little ones will ‘sprout curiosity’ in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). With a variety of ever-changing activities and toys, this place is designed for parents to bring their little ones to engage in STEM activities and toys without any planning. Drop in with a daily pass or take a class!

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