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11 Things To Do with Kids in Queens

KidPass is now live in Queens!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve added even more excellent kids’ activities in this family-friendly borough. Read on to find some of the latest and greatest things to do with your kids in Queens.


ACD Playspace
Astoria / 0 – 4 years old

ACD is a play space and educational center designed to help activate your child’s own natural desire to learn. They provide a safe and educational space for children to learn and grow through exploring, music, dance—and play most of all!

Brazilian Capoeira NY
Forest Hills / 4 – 17 years old

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Arts that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. Born in Brazil in the 16th century by the descendants of Western Africans and the indigenous populations in Brazil, Capoeira is known for quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques. 

The Broadway Class (at Grace Lutheran Church)
Forest Hills / 5 – 17 years old

Come to this Broadway class taught by actual Broadway performers! Rob and Leah are parents in Forest Hills who have each spent 25 years as theater professionals, and the past 14 years in Mamma Mia! on Broadway. In addition to their professional careers, they love to work with kids and have put on shows with several children’s groups around the NYC area.


CEA Fitness
Bayside / 8 – 13 years old

Competitive Edge Athletics Fitness is a friendly and welcoming fitness environment staffed with trainers who have over 35 years of experience in the industry, and are always willing to offer advice and tips. They offer a great atmosphere for older children to work out.

CK Sports – Bayside and Whitestone
Bayside and Whitestone / 4 – 11 years old

Since 2005, CK Sports has been teaching kids of all ages the fundamentals of various sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball in a fun and safe environment. CK offers classes of varied levels and for different ages taught by experienced and talented coaches.

Funikijam (at Let’s Play Playhouse)
Sunnyside / 0 – 3 years old

Billed as “music exploration for the next generation,” this unique program is part class, part live show—with kids in the starring roles! At each session, FunikiJam-certified teaching artists (Agents of JAM) take the stage and invite the group to Sing-A-Long, Dance-A-Long, and Play-A-Long with globe-spanning musical adventures.

Fresh Meadows / 2 – 17 years old

Glaze-a-Riffic is a paint-your-own-pottery, art, and craft studio where you can come, relax, and be the artist you are. With over 100 ceramic items for your child to choose from, this is the perfect place to unleash their inner artist. Plus, the friendly staff is always available to help, guide, and advise when needed.

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Little Atelier of Young Children
Bayside / 2 – 8 years old

Little Atelier of Young Children has three early childhood education programs: one for nursery and preschool aged children, one for school-aged children interested in cooking, and one for school-aged children interested in art. Come find the right program for your child!

Mini Galaxy Play Café
Jamaica / 8 months – 8 years old

Mini GALAXY Play Café is a kid-friendly indoor playground that includes rocking horses, a log bridge, a space-chain bridge, a climbing ladder, double slides, a ball pit, a basketball hoop, and many hopper balls. There’s also have a foam-block pit and a pretend kitchen area for the younger children to enjoy! ​Get ready to have fun!

Okabaloo Funartfaktory – Arts & Fun Center
Long Island City / 0 – 12 years old

Okabaloo is a thoughtfully designed place of wonders, creativity, and celebrations – the first and only arts and fun factory! This bright, cheerful, and strategically-located space is safe and well-equipped to accommodate your child’s unique wishes and desires, as well as your own.

Reflexion Dance & Fitness
Astoria / 3 – 12 years old

Reflexion Dance & Fitness was created to give students a unique dance experience. They teach dance technique, teamwork, fitness, and self-expression through movement, with the goal of building a supportive Reflexion family and instilling confidence, positive body image, and the belief that all students are limitless in whatever they want to accomplish in their lives.

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