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Introducing PetPass!

Is your cat tired of chasing his own tail?

Is your goldfish lonely swimming around all day in his fishbowl?


And then there’s your dog—we know she’d love to have more to do than just chase squirrels.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce PetPass!

PetPass is exactly what it sounds like—it’s KidPass for pets! Sign up for a monthly subscription for only $199 a month and find endless activities to do with your pets in your neighborhood. From doggie treat tastings, to cat couch-clawing contests, to hamster wheel races, PetPass has it all. We even have special activities for your children’s stuffed animals, like bunny rabbit tea time. We bet you never knew there was so much to do with your pets outside your home!

PetPass is launching this month in NYC and will be expanding to other cities soon. We can’t wait to bring all the fun of KidPass to pets and pet parents everywhere!

April Fools’! So we’re not actually launching PetPass—but if you’re interested in trying out KidPass, you can try us for a month for only $19! Enter code APRILFOOLS at checkout. New members only. Ends April  2, 2018.


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