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User Review: Curiosity on Court in Carroll Gardens

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Curiosity on Court in Carroll Gardens  

Curiosity on Court is a small, indoor play space new to Carroll Gardens. It’s clean and well-kept, with a climbing and sliding area, pretend NYC subway, small kitchen area, blocks, and magnet mazes. We visited on a quiet, hot Wednesday afternoon. It was nice to cool off, and still get some good running and playing time. Snacks are permitted in the waiting area and bottled water is for sale. Our 5, 6, and 7 year olds reported that it was “awesome”. We played for about 90 minutes of the two hour session. As a parent, I feel the space is more appropriate for younger kids, ages 2 to 5. The climbing structure and toys would be challenging and fun for them. Our bigger kids still liked it, especially since they had the space to themselves!

Submitted by Lynn H.


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