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User Review: Big Messy Art Class in Park Slope

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Big Messy Art Class in Park Slope  

Upon walking into Kidville, Park Slope, it was quite evident that it was a warm environment and that the children enjoyed being there. The front desk staff were friendly and were happy to answer questions, or help with the ongoing classes.

My daughter, Bailey, and I walked into the room for art class a few minutes early. The teacher, Olivia, was informative and sweet. She started the class by allowing the children to play with some blocks in different shapes, which was a foreshadowing of the craft that the children were going to work on. After that, she read a book and sang a welcome song with the children.

As the children sat down, they were given the materials they needed to create their own little masterpiece, which ended up being a picture of a mouse created by putting together different paper shapes, glue, some stickers, and googly eyes. After the craft was done and ready to dry, the children had some free time to paint on a large sheet of paper on the wall, which was probably my daughter’s favorite part of the whole class.

While we expected the class to be a little different, getting our hands dirty, it was an organized and fun class that kept the children entertained and busy for the duration of the time.

I would give the class 4 stars for great energy, an organized environment, and accessible location. 
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